KIDNEY, ANYONE? 12,000-mile 1982 Toyota Corolla

KE70 Corolla Left Front

Did the coverage of the mobs of E70 Corollas at the Team_Nostalgic meet in Chicago last year get you hungry to own one yourself? Might as well buy one clean enough to make Akio Toyoda himself weak at the knees while you’re at it then. 

On eBay UK this week is a hyper-low-mile E70 Corolla with a mere 12,000 ticks on the clock. Normally, one would assume the odometer has rolled over at least once, but the body doesn’t lie.

KE70 Rear Right

The body’s paint is devoid of even a single scuff. Naturally, like almost every KE70, it is brown on tan, the automobile color equivalent of Burt Reynolds’s mustache. Blinds in the rear windshield are a great touch as well.

KE70 Rear

I doubt I’m the only one who thinks the UKDM rear end looks so right on this chassis. Just look at how the license plate is perfectly framed by those tail lights. Also, the Euro bumpers are far less intrusive than the rubber baby buggy bumpers found adorning USDM models.


Under the hood the a virgin K-Series engine looks like it just came off a boat from Japan. Everything down to the Distributor Cap is original, from the looks of it. The car is so clean it even passed its MOT test without issue, and there are 10-year-old cars that can’t even do that. Of course, what else would you expect from Toyota’s Golden Era quality?

The interior retains its nearly 40-year-old pre-delivery plastic on the door cards. The seats were protected with your grandma’s wool seat covers to retain their originality, and as you can see, it worked perfectly.

KE70 Side

If you’re longing to add a KE70 sedan to your garage, this is surely among the best examples left. Living stateside, the importation isn’t terribly difficult if you go through an importer, but expect a ballpark figure of an extra $3000 on top of the purchase cost. Find the car on eBay UK.

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7 Responses to KIDNEY, ANYONE? 12,000-mile 1982 Toyota Corolla

  1. Nigel said:

    Um…wow !!

  2. Scotty G said:

    Good grief, what a time capsule! Beautiful!

  3. Yoda said:

    Nice! “Nuns on the Run” anyone?

    I like how they remembered to take off the seat covers for one of the pics. That’s one of my pet peeves in used-car ads.

    Incidentally, in Japan the high series E70 sedans had the USDM bumpers as featured in the Aoshima model kit (I think originally tooled up by Imai).

  4. JovaTecH said:

    Wow reminds my old 1981 corolla. This euro version looks very very awesome

  5. Rowan Borach said:

    Wow had one of these here in South Africa 1.3 GL was Firecracker Red. That was my first Car. This is a beautiful example. I am getting the Aoshima kit E 70 Late version it has these bumpers.

  6. Akhtar Hussain said:

    Where the car is located right now and what about the price of toyota corolla 1982 displayed on the Web site.

    • Sebastian-Ruediger Mueller said:

      Hello Mr. Hussain,

      me too, I am interested in how much the car costs 🙂

      Because I want to sell a nearly similar Item, KE 70, 1983, LHD

      ! 17500 ! kilometers run !

      Very good original condition. Car is located in Germany, not offered yet….

      Maybe you want to contact me at email:

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