JP Blog 01: Private Tune / Murata Team

Blog - Private Tune

We thought it might be a neat idea to provide weekly links to some Japanese blogs. After all, blogging is not a phenomenon to be found strictly in the west! And with so many excellent English language blogs devoted to Japanese cars, it only makes sense that there’d be just as many excellent Japanese language blogs about classic JDM!

However, we don’t speak Japanese (oh the agony!), so you’ll have to bear with us while we use Google’s translator tool to figure out what’s going on with each of these blogs.

This week’s blog belongs to Private Tune / Murata Team, and frankly we can’t quite figure out the specific aim of the blog. What we can tell you though, is that there’s a fantastic selection of photos in many of the posts, so head on over and a bit of a browse through the pages of Private Tune’s blog!

Original link | Translated version

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2 Responses to JP Blog 01: Private Tune / Murata Team

  1. floody said:

    Top work there chap!
    I sniped some excellent desktop photos from their rotating background images.

  2. LarryW said:

    If you need info or translations, you can email me.

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