Jolly Good News from the UK

Not only is the Day of Too Many Events coming up this weekend, but our former masters across the pond are brewing up the Goodwood Festival of Speed. One of the first photos to filter in from this year’s event are from the chaps at Speedhunters. The lucky blokes captured this hakosuka GT-R G.C. replica on the hillclimb. As you know from last year when Toyota was the featured marque, we haven’t wanted to go anywhere this badly since we begged our parents to takes us to Disney World at age eight but we just don’t have the budget or time.

Seeing the original GT-R in action in England just makes this next bit of news all the more fitting. We’re big fans of BBC Top Gear, and this weekend takes the gang to Japan, where another one of their epic races will ensue. The contestants? New GT-R vs. Bullet Train. Banzai!


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  1. Oyaji Gaijin said:

    I seem to remember the last car vs. bullet train contest ended badly for the bullet train. It lost to the Isuzu Piazza. The GT-R has some big shoes to fill.

  2. KPGC10-001218 said:

    Just a little clarification:
    It is not strictly correct to call the car a “G.C replica”. The original works cars did take part in races that were part of the Grand Champion Series from around the middle part of 1971, but they were usually running in the ‘TS’ classes ( for Touring Cars ) rather than head-to-head with the full purpose-built Group 5/6 GC sports racers.
    In many cases, the T and TS class races were held seperately at race meetings where the sports racers were top billing of the whole weekend.
    It’s probably more accurate to call it an *evocation* of a works-type TS/Group 4 of the late 1970~early 1971 period. Whole thing is a bit of a minefield even for nit-picky nerds like myself!

  3. Ben said:

    By all means, pick those nits like a grooming chimp! Thanks for the clarification 🙂

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