JNC Wishes You a Joyous Holiday Season

I think the heat may have gotten to Kev. Having Christmas in summer can do that to a bloke, so here’s a North American seasons greetings from JNC. Well, technically this photo was taken in Japan, but whatever. May you find something this cool under your tree. Happy Holidays!

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13 Responses to JNC Wishes You a Joyous Holiday Season

  1. leongsoon said:

    “May you find something this cool under your tree”

    I wish! Merry Christmas!

  2. HoTWire said:

    Happy holidays to you as well, from everyone at RSM… I hope 2009 is as good for you as 2008 🙂

  3. coupeZ600 said:

    Wishing You, and all the JNC’ers the best! All three of my 2009 Calenders got snaked by my friends, so until I get my new ones, will somebody tell me what day it is! Thanks!

  4. Sr-FairladyZ said:

    Happy Holiday’s everyone, and best wishes!

  5. Nigel said:

    Hope everybody has a Happy Christmas.
    (GTR under the tree … maybe in 1/24 or1/43 !)

  6. J.Ramirez (zetozeto99) said:

    MERRY CHRISTMAS, Fellow JNC’ers!

    I hope I get those fender mirrors or some fog lights for my 810!

  7. Pickle said:

    Happy Holidays everyone and I hope everyone has a great new year!! Now let’s hope I have some goodies for the car under that tree….

  8. Blownarrow said:

    Merry Christmas everybody and best wishes to all!

  9. colink said:

    Yes happy holidays to you all as well bet i dont get one of those under my tree though

  10. Edz280zx said:

    Mad tyte Christmas YO!! j/k Have a good one guys.

  11. Kimico said:

    Happy Holidays to all and a great new year. At least I can keep track of time and dates with the JNC calendar. No one is snatching mines.

  12. Harrison said:

    Happy something to you guys! I celebrated with some true JDM by buying a Sprinter Trueno model kit! XD

  13. Rockon said:

    wish you a merry christmas, and New year with a new car.

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