JNC THEATER: Discovery Channel Japan to air new car restoration show

Discovery Channel Japan has announced a new car restoration show, Chihara Junior’s Car Revival Project!. Hosted by comedian and TV host Chihara Junior, it will follow restorer and shops as they rebuild classic cars. Each car will have three episodes devoted to it, with a first season run of 13 episodes. Cars in the roster are a 1970 Isuzu Belett 1600GTR, 1969 Alfa Romeo 1750 Spider Veloce, Hakosuka Nissan Skyline GT-R, and a Mercedes-Benz 190SL. The show debuts December 14, but unfortunately there is no word of it airing in the US.

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6 Responses to JNC THEATER: Discovery Channel Japan to air new car restoration show

  1. Jeff Koch said:

    Shows like this are why God created Netflix. Air it, dammit!

  2. Michael Jue said:

    JDM Legends: The Real McCoy.

    Would love to see this show here in the U.S. – even with subtitles.

  3. Jim Simspson said:

    I completely agree with Jeff and Michael on both counts Netflix would be fine even with subtitles and it would be great to see them being restored in Japan by Japanese craftsmen.
    Bring this to the USA Discovery channel…

  4. Michael said:

    WOW! So Junior is a car guy too!

    Was always funny when he made an appearance on Vs Arashi 🙂

  5. Cesariojpn said:

    Will be on Motor Trend on Demand behind a paywall, where the site will crash every 30 minutes. Guarantee.

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