JNC Magazine Shipping Now

We’re posting this random photo of a vintage Japanese mail truck based on the Honda Step Van because JNC magazine has finished printing and will be mailed out tomorrow! They’re coming straight from the printer so we haven’t even seen it ourselves. We’re so excited that we just can’t hide it! Thanks to all those who subscribed and were so patient with us as we burned the midnight oil putting it together. We weren’t even really sure if were going to make the deadline but it happened. We love ya! Now excuse us as we pass out.

[Image: Corism]

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10 Responses to JNC Magazine Shipping Now

  1. Mr.L.J. Nordvik said:

    Yes,do take a nice long nap.You’ve certainly earned it!

  2. TSiSS350 said:

    Now if only you could figure out a way to ship it in that van! I would take the day off to recieve it, haha! Cant wait for it now!

  3. Evan Deveau said:

    Sweet balls, now I can look forward to mail aside from boxes of japanses trinkets

  4. elmonoloco said:

    I’m shivering with antici…..pation!!!!

  5. SrFairladyZ said:

    Awesomeness. Our coffee table is so excited!

  6. God said:


    *checks mail box*

    Nothing yet.

    *waits five minutes, checks again*


    Also, who should I email if I am moving? I’ll be moving at the end of May and would like my subscription to follow me.

  7. Jnostalgics said:

    Your Omnipotence,

    Just email us with your name and new address to the feedback email at the bottom of this page.


  8. God said:


    Thanks. Keep up the great work.

    *checks mailbox*

    Still nothing.


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