JNC Limited Edition AE86 Heritage Shirt Now Available

We have a very small number of limited edition shirts from Toyotafest now available in our shop. Only 86 were ever or will ever be made. XLs are sold out, sorry!

Celebrating 25 years of the iconic Corolla GT-S, we’re proud to present our latest shirt, the Limited Edition AE86 Heritage. Only 86 of these shirts will be printed.

Flanked by its predecessor, the TE27, and its successor, the FT-86, the shirt is black on red, just like the iconic red panda paint scheme. A crest honoring its classic status is encircled by lightning bolts, a nod to the Trueno/Levin names, which mean thunder and lightning. All shirts are 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, and have the JNC logo on the sleeve.

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14 Responses to JNC Limited Edition AE86 Heritage Shirt Now Available

  1. LloyD said:

    should have put another nostalgic car instead of that celica or whatever it is…i would have swooped great shirt otherwise

  2. Bob said:

    I bought one, but agreed, we need more nostalgic cars on these shirts!

  3. Brad D. said:

    Well I wanted one… but no XL means not for me!

  4. mister k said:

    @ lloyd @ bob … uhhhh, purpose of shirt is to celebrate 25 yrs of ae86

  5. J.A.C.K said:

    No more XL?!? good thing I had my pal down there pick up a bunch of shirts for us in the PNW 😉

  6. Dan said:

    @ mister k: exactly! =D

    @ Brad D., J.A.C.K.: the shirts run slightly large. I normally wear XL, but with these shirts, I wear L. I’m 6’4″, 205lbs. my dress shirt is 16.5 34/35. With the XL, the shirt was too baggy on me. With the L, it’s more form-fitting, but not to the point where you’d see all my curves =X

  7. MR2_FTW said:

    still no AW11 love? it was better looking, faster, and just plain cooler than the 86

  8. Komeko said:

    If the car on the left has been redesignated as the Lexus SC replacement, doesn’t that make this a Soarer Legacy T-Shirt?

  9. Bobbywoll said:

    I agree that is a funny looking celica:) nice artwork kids.

  10. kingtoy said:

    I agree would have been alot better shirt without that ummm “thing” in the foreground.

    and MR2_FTW much AW11 love here.

  11. LloyD said:

    gotta make an mx32 cressida shirt 🙂

  12. 86life said:

    Its an FT-86 guys. Think they are showing the evolution of the Trueno/Levin. Do you have the sizes somewhere for the small tee. Your American sizes are always pretty large for us Kiwis. Is shipping included in the price because nothing seems to come up at checkout.

  13. Jin said:

    … free shirt contest in the making? 😛

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