JNC Issue 2 Sneak Peek

Let’s close off the week with a sneak peek of JNC Issue 2. It should be in your mailboxes shortly. Have a good weekend, everybody!

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22 Responses to JNC Issue 2 Sneak Peek

  1. Oh that looks really good awaitng the postman now

  2. John said:

    Oh noes! I just moved! Damn these address changes… wonder how it’s going to affect the length it takes me to get my copy?

  3. Ben said:

    John – send us an email to make the address change. The post office will have to fwd it this time, but next time we want to send it directly.

  4. zulu said:

    yay glad to see this ! can’t wait to spend the time to read this from front to back a few tims. and glad to see a celica and corolla on the cover =)

  5. salvador hugo said:

    hey I want one…. charge me for one copy on the same account and address I have in your files. If not please advice will give the info offline. : )

  6. Kimico said:

    That second issue looks great. I will be waiting for my next issue. I’m glad everything workout very good at Jnc headquarters. I like the Corolla on the cover, since I own a Corolla myself. My respects for you guys at JNC.

  7. Jeff Brown said:

    WOO HOO…… Toyotas on the cover baby. That is a great looking Corolla. I will be waiting by the mailbox for this one.

  8. Neil said:

    Is there any way I can still get a hold of issue #1? I searched around the subscribe section and all the subscriptions start with either issue 2 or 3.
    Am I to late?

  9. lance said:

    woohoo!!! my 1st issue is starting to get BEATEN! im actually trying to purchase another copy off of someone local…

    we’re having a meet here in honolulu, hi… i’ll try to take some pics and post it in the forums.

  10. Mr.L.J. Nordvik said:

    Oh my,that’s hot! Playboy magazine never had a cover as sexy as that!

  11. tom said:

    Young SS on the cover, nice!

  12. Rob V said:

    Sweet! I can’t wait to get it.

  13. Andy said:

    Hahaha… one more pair of orange cars on the cover and you guys are sooooo fired. 😉

  14. thom pitts said:

    I just relocated and do not want to miss this issue

    Old Address
    44 E 5th Street Brooklyn NY 11218

    New Address
    1513 62nd Street Brooklyn NY 11219

    Thanks, guys. Keep up the good work!

  15. QuasiMondo said:

    I’m drooling…

  16. SrfairladyZ said:

    You dirty tease!

  17. Chrsjamez said:

    thats a nice Dodge Challenger!

  18. Parrot said:

    My subscription was on the basis that there was a TE27 feature!

    Nice to see you are listening to your readers!!!

  19. danscar said:

    Hey! I just subscribed today starting with issue #2 and a single copy of #1. Can’t wait for it to come. Please rush it over to the Philippines! I want to be the first to have it.

  20. orangete27 said:

    thank you Ben!

  21. Kirk said:

    Jeez have we been waiting for this! And am sure it will be worth every minute!!!

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