JNC Greetings from NorCal, Part III

Today we were all over the place, from Concord to San Fran to San Jose. The most exciting moment came when one of our subjects’ cars ran out of gas on I-280 and coasted to a stop in the middle of the right lane. We helped the owner push it onto the almost nonexistent shoulder as SUVs flew by at 80mph and went off to buy a gas can and some fuel. When we returned, one of California’s finest was offering to shove the mint nostalgic to the next exit with his standard issue CHP Crown Vic’s push bar. Luckily, we were able to gas the car up and drive it under its own power. The whole experience was quite scary when you think about all the cars that get hit while pulled over.

Anyway, here’s another sneak peek at an upcoming JNC magazine feature car, which is not the one that ran out of gas. Again, first one to guess the car (make and model) wins a prize when we return. Tee hee!

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20 Responses to JNC Greetings from NorCal, Part III

  1. Dan said:

    Looks looks like a R30 skyline coupe, early 1980’s

  2. JOe said:

    r30 coupe

  3. michael said:

    um… R31 skyline Passage GT.. Japanese version…?

  4. Zeb said:

    Prob wrong but cos it hasn’t been guessed R31 coupe, BLAM! Not R30 coupe or R31 Passage GT as stated above.

  5. Kev said:

    Not R30 I think, R30 has a stainless trim that covers the whole a-pillar. Going by the shape of the seat and headrest, actually I am thinking Toyota….dunno why

  6. Osman said:

    Bluebird/910 coupe

  7. Hamish said:

    I think its a Mitsubishi Gallant Coupe/eterna

  8. Hooks said:

    Nissan Exa?
    Poss Mitsu Starion?

  9. Benny_Blanco said:

    Deffinatly not an a R30, mirror is wrong, chair is wrong, they didnt come in leather. Not an R31 either for the same reasons…

    My guess is a mitsubishi sopporo / scorpion … but the mirrors are making me think twice.

  10. orangete27 said:

    I’m so thankful that you guys were there. CHP wanted to puch my car but I won’t let them….. the car got home safely….. will start cleaning process so can get her ready for Palo Alto Concours on 22JUNE

  11. Mike (Toronto) said:

    Mitsubishi Lambda

  12. Slrr35 said:

    MR2 1989

  13. nicnax92 said:

    My guess is a Mitsubishi Galant Lambda/ Sapporo

  14. Ben said:

    Getting warm, some of you. Think USDM.

    orangete27, we’re trying to keep the identity of the gas mishap owner a secret! But you’re welcome. We couldn’t bear to let anything happen to your ride. And thanks again for coming out for the photo shoot!

  15. orangete27 said:

    your welcome

  16. Zeb said:

    Ah! Dodge Challenger!!

  17. Hamish said:

    Chrysler Sigma?

  18. leongsoon said:

    Mitsubishi Galant Lambda / 2nd Gen Dodge Charger

  19. Ben said:

    Ding ding ding, we have a winner. Congrats, Zeb!

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