JNC and grandJDM: The Merge

Greetings, nostalgic and old school car fans! Today we have a very special announcement to make. After much discussion – ok, it was actually a 10-second AIM conversation – it was decided that Japanese Nostalgic Car and grandJDM should combine like Voltron for the greater good of the classic Japanese car community.

The idea was this: the nostalgic car movement, at least in the Western world, is still in its infancy and we would like to raise the level of awareness in a serious manner. Rather than have various sites that may have been seen as fragmented and competing against each other, we thought joining forces would have more of an impact on JNC and grandJDM’s common goal – the preservation and appreciation of old Nihon steel.

Besides, the usual suspects of both sites worked together to create JNC magazine. Subscribers will have seen first-hand Van’s phenomenal graphic design and artwork gracing the pages alongside Kev’s god-like knowledge of J-tin, as well as each of their mugshots in the table of contents. They are invaluable members of the team, and finished product was a result of our combined efforts and unifying love of vintage Japanese cars.

And As you may know, grandJDM was hacked a few weeks ago. It would have taken a lot of time and energy to bring it back, and we thought this was a good a time as any to merge. This means that Kev and Van will be contributing their excellent posts to JNC in the future and we will also make grandJDM’s past content available at JapaneseNostalgicCar.com.

So there you have it, sites from two of the biggest nostalgic car markets outside of Japan itself, together as one. We welcome them to the family, even though they’ve already been a part of it for a long time.

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15 Responses to JNC and grandJDM: The Merge

  1. elmonoloco said:

    YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS! Excellent idea!

  2. Kev said:

    Ahh…feels like home already 🙂

  3. sr-fairladyz said:

    That’s awesome! Theres a very strong smell of vintage JDM in the room. Kinda smells like gear oil. 🙁 Congrats!

  4. Mr.L.J. Nordvik said:

    Great idea!

  5. redma61 said:

    great i dea guys,it always felt like both sites where comrads

  6. John said:

    Awesome! I was wondering when this was gonna happen. I mean you guys always referred to each other and just seem liked you got along well.

  7. Omawari_San said:

    Cool! Be sure to keep the I “heart” oldschool logo! I love it!!! The best wishes from germany!

  8. leongsoon said:

    This is kewl and so many levels! Er, wait, so Project Hako will continue here too? Now that feels a bit weird, but we’ll get used to it!! Congrats!

  9. Kev said:

    Yes Project Hakosuka will continue here 🙂 We’re just trying to work out how best to move all the old build updates over…

  10. Bob said:


  11. KurumaOtaku said:

    It’s about time! It’s good to have some exposure to other cars in other countries. Why is America deprived of so many hot Japanese cars? It’s a conspiracy I tell ya’! This merge was meant to be.

  12. Burabuda said:

    this makes perfect sense. congrats!

  13. Orange-S30 said:

    Congrats!, I too am glad to see the merger. I love both sites and now everyone benefits. Just keep the classic datsun info coming.

  14. Drive-By said:

    Will we be able to access the old Grand JDM articles. I was particularly keen to get hold of the 80’s Gr.A report featuring the third generation Civics.

    Many thanks and congratulations, as classic J-Tin hoarder and restorer it’s wonderful to see a powerful growth in the scene.

  15. Ben said:

    Yes, it’s just a matter of bringing the content over but old grandJDM posts will be available here!

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