JNC #4 Teaser: Lexus LFA Meets Toyota 2000GT

The hottest car on Earth right now is none other than the Lexus LFA. Let’s see: performance among the world’s best, a roaring engine by Yamaha, and a sharply styled body that belies a state-of-the-art chassis. Oh, and it’s also the most expensive Japanese car ever built. No wonder mainstream car mags are calling it Japan’s first supercar.

However, JNC readers might disagree. Over forty years ago the same automaker hit all those points with the Toyota 2000GT. Jay Leno‘s the only we know of that’s even mentioned this predecessor.

Like everyone else at SEMA, we drooled over the LFA at its US debut. As we stood there with mouths agape, the Lexus rep saw us holding a copy of JNC and exclaimed, “Hey, I love this mag!” We weren’t about to let an endorsement like that go to waste! We wrangled a 2000GT/LFA photo shoot on the spot and a week later we were in Toyota’s top secret unmarked warehouse somewhere in Torrance.

Here’s a quick behind-the-scenes cell phone cam pic. The full article will be in JNC #4 and as far as we know, it’ll be the only article showing these two stupendously magnificent machines together.

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24 Responses to JNC #4 Teaser: Lexus LFA Meets Toyota 2000GT

  1. Alan said:

    As mad as it sounds I’d take the 2000GT, real talk.

    The LF-A is a mixed bag with more dopeness than negatives, just.

  2. Moises said:

    ill give ya 20 bucks to disclose the location of that warehouse =P

  3. BlownArrow! said:

    I’m with Alan in a years time something newer and cooler will be out and it wil all go by the way side… But The 2000GT will still reign supreme!

  4. Dan said:

    If only those two beautiful machines were in my garage! Personally, I’d use the LFA as a daily driver and save the 2000GT for special occasions only šŸ˜‰

  5. vballin said:

    oooh, can I tag along w/ you guys next time. pleeeeeeease?? i’ll give you a quarter! LOL

  6. Kev said:

    I’d take the LFA.

    No seriously. I’d take it. Like…if I was at that photoshoot I’d just jump in the LFA and drive it away. And you wouldn’t see me again until some Thelma-and-Louise style finale involving the police and helicopters.

  7. F3ARED said:

    Good on the Lexus rep for organizing a photo shoot with old vs new!

  8. Wilbur said:

    Yes! Props to JNC for calling everyone out on the 2000GT! Nice photoshoot btw, looks like you guys are on the up n up šŸ™‚

  9. Ben said:

    Next time Australia gets something before us Yanks, you’ll be the point man, Kev. In other words, don’t hold your breath šŸ™‚

    We really wanted the white LFA to go with the white 2000GT, but it was flown back to Europe already šŸ™

  10. Dan said:

    Actually, I would’ve preferred a hot pink one, but one wasn’t available at the time…

  11. datsun dude said:

    I wonder what yamaha would do if they made their own supercar,they nailed the drive line. why not set the target at a ferrarri killer.the LFA cost as much, and a smaller car company could make it more competitively priced.Just add carbon fiber and move over!
    Is that crazy?Both toyotas rock though, So does JNC!

  12. datsun dude said:

    Well ben, Thank you!I guess I’m not crazy after all. I should have known that it was just to obvious.Can’t wait to see what happens when the economy recovers!

  13. Mr.L.J. Nordvik said:

    I think that article will have to be printed on water-resistant paper.I predict a lot of drooling! A lot! šŸ™‚

  14. Skylines & Z's said:

    lots of comments on Jay Leno’s site were negative. lots of complaints on how the LFA is “Ugly” and how European cars (and even the Corvette) are better car for the money!!!. I think that most them miss the point on what the Japanese philosophy on making cars. If I were to take this argument on the “ugliness” of the design then I think one could say that Porsche doesn’t make pretty cars either…. but ppl still buy them in droves

  15. OkieRA29 said:

    So when can we expect this magnificent article????

  16. Nice Scoop on the Mainstream mags !

  17. j.a.c.k said:

    man, i’m getting a bloody nose just thinkin’ about this article! HURRY WITH EPISODE 4!

  18. Datsun-San said:

    Yes, the article sounds epic, but when IS #4 due to be published? I feel depressed with the lack of up to date japanese nostalgia!

  19. Gen Kanai said:

    Ah, the white 2000GT that Toyota Motor Sales owns. Did you see any of the other old Toyota iron in the warehouse? Nice FJ40s and old Coronas, etc.

  20. Gen Kanai said:

    Not to mention Ivan Stewart’s Baja desert racing trucks, and the Pikes Peak Hillclimb Celica & Tacoma…

  21. kyushakai said:

    patrick callohan mentioned the link between the LFA and 2000gt in a blog about a week ago in bespokeventures.com/blog

  22. Luc said:

    Great, so where are more pictures ?
    Will it serve a LFA commercial or brochure ?

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