Jingle All the Way

After going through the infectious US-market Toyota ads last week, we were inspired to see what catchy ad jingles would haunt our brains till we needed to bang our noggins against a fencepost to get them out of our heads. Well, here’s what we found – a pair of Toyota ads. You’ll thank us later. Or not.

The first, the 1979 Sprinter, chilling in all-white Grecian architecture by the Mediterranean Sea. Feta cheese, anyone?

To complement that, we have the ad for the 1980 Celica Camry. That’s right, the name affixed to the number-one selling American sedan was a sub-model! This was more or less a slightly redesigned Carina, but the Celica name was hot, and what better way to convince buyers they were buying a four door sports coupe?

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