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After our piece on bosozoku biker tribes a few weeks ago, one of our readers brought it to our attention that the Weezer video clip for Dope Nose features some Kyusha-kai bikers in it! So it got us to thinking about what other oddball JDM video clips we could find.

But first the Dope Nose clip:

This reminded us a little of this old INXS clip from the early 80s. No kyusha-kai bikers, but a couple of Decotora trucks.

And of course, real-life kyusha-kai bikers, Japanese group Kishidan:

…and here’s their take on the Seibu Keisatsu theme:

Last but not least, not quite old school, but a cool clip I thought, by Move (better known for their work on the Initial D theme music):

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