JDM Restore! Auto Service Machinaga

Now here’s something interesting…a classic car bodyshop in JDMland that keeps a pictorial blog of all the interesting cars they do. The shop in question is Auto Service Machinaga, in Kobe.

Check out their blog for more detailed step by step pictorials of their bigger jobs (click on the Toyota category for a start) but after the jump, you’ll find some cool vids of a TE27 Levin and a TA22 Celica GTV that they did pretty thorough repaints on in classic army green.

That Levin and Celica looked to be pretty good (ie rare!) examples to start with, so it’s great to see them returned to former glory.

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6 Responses to JDM Restore! Auto Service Machinaga

  1. zulu said:

    i saw this wahile back the resotration looks so good. i wish i could have done one this extensive with my 73 RA21

  2. Koich said:

    I personally know the guy who owns this shop. Does he know it’s posted here? I gotta let him know. He’ll be happy. 🙂

  3. Kev said:

    Sure, let him know that we like his work!

  4. Thank you for introducing my Website.

  5. 31gun said:

    Thank YOU for doing such good work on lovely old classics!


  6. pony68 said:

    Although my car was repaired in this company, very very high wages were charged.

    Tokyo, JAPAN

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