JCCS Preview: Nissan DNA Garage cars loaded up


This morning, a truck in Nashville picked up a couple of old cars to transport to California, including what is arguably the most valuable car in Nissan USA’s DNA Garage. 


The John Morton BRE Datsun 510 that won the 1971-72 Trans-Am 2.5 class is an icon, and a priceless piece of motorsport history. And it’s now in the back of a trailer, having been loaded up this morning, heading out of Tennessee and to Long Beach where it will arrive just in time for JCCS this Saturday.


The second car is a rare SPL213 Fairlady roadster, predecessor to the Datsun Sports 1500, 1600 and 2000 roadsters that will be heavily featured at our own JNC booth. This was a US-only model, and only 217 were built, making it quite rare as well.


When transporting, there’s always risk, so let’s hope both cars arrive safely. One thing we learned from last year, when Nissan shipped a couple of DNA Garage cars from Japan’s Zama warehouse across the Pacific with only a day to spare, those guys like to cut it close.

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25 Responses to JCCS Preview: Nissan DNA Garage cars loaded up

  1. Mercilessmings said:

    Must be pretty desperate to try and keep up with the HONDA display this year……?
    #serialone #mercilessmings

  2. Mercilessmings said:


  3. MikeRL411 said:

    Last year’s shipment was an extreme example of “Just in Time” parts delivery!

  4. Mark Newton-John said:

    Better have a couple cars parked front and back of the transporter, people will take them regardless what’s in them.

  5. Bill said:

    They pale in comparison to the first Honda N600 built. There can only be a single number one car. That Honda chose to place it in the good old USA is significant in automotive history and a testament to Honda’s commitment to taking a foothold in a yet to be established economic auto industry.

  6. goodshow_aa said:

    I dont know how they will ever be able to top themselves from last year. Seeing a R390 GT1 in person was probably as good as it could get.

    • Artsy407 said:

      We got that one from Zama Heritage Collection. Very appreciative for the loan! Hopefully we’ll get the opportunity to bring more over.

  7. Yuri said:

    Speaking of “just in time” my car isn’t even finished being built yet.
    I still have to do the interior and brakes. *panic mode activates

  8. Kiran said:

    Damn it I wish I was in the us I really want to display my collection especially the supra turbo A I just finished restoring and my old cordia as it was one of the three first ever Mitsubishis that was not branded as a Chrysler alongside the cordia was the tredia and starion

  9. Alvin said:

    Oh wait, what about the Nissan ID-X concept? Oh, too soon…

  10. Cesariojpn said:

    One of those roadsters was destroyed on an episode of Hoarders.

  11. Pete240z said:

    Who is getting these pictures? Unbelievable!

  12. pete240z said:

    back in the early 2000’s Nissan showed this car at Road America – I don’t think it was being called the most valuable car…….but I agree it is!!

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