As long time readers know, it’s tradition for us to debut a new shirt at each JCCS. This year we’re paying homage to the rich car culture of Japan with the JNC Kaido shirt.

Kaido means “street” in Japanese, as in “kaido racer.” Street racers can take many forms, but one uniquely Japanese style is that of the bosozoku, the notorious car and bike gangs that gave us sky-high takeyari exhaust pipes, bubble flares, and tsurikawa. They were not only identified by their slammed sleds but their rijento, or “regent” pompadours as well.

And for those who don’t read Japanese, the kanji, the JNC Kaido shirt says “Tokio” and “Los Angeles” on either side, with nosutarujikku rengo, or “Nostalgic Alliance,” around the Imperial seal in the center.

White/Gold ink on Black, JNC sleeve logo in Red. Available in sizes S through XXL.

As usual, we first dibs come to those who visit the JNC booth at the show.

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21 Responses to JCCS PREVIEW: JNC “KAIDO” Shirt

  1. sedanlover said:

    When can the rest of us (non show goers because of the whole other side of the world thing) get our greasy hands on ’em?

  2. Bluebird 51 said:

    What ever happened to the 510 Shirt?

  3. Nigel said:

    C110 and Z10 , very cool !!

  4. Jason said:

    Any chance you’ll be making 3xl T or 4 xl T ???? Im a pretty large dude, about XXXXL large to be exact.
    Would love to rock this TEE but I don’t wanna be the “fat guy in a little” status.

    Hook a rotund brotha up….

  5. Matt said:

    You guys are gonna make me a poor man

  6. BRSERKR said:

    I wish I could build my Z in true boso fashion, but since i cant, I’ll pass on the shirt. No fakin the funk.

  7. WildBill said:

    Wait-listed, no reply. Shoot! Maybe next year. Have a great time everyone!

  8. projectaw11 said:

    when will they be available online?? and where are these t-shirts made? somewhere good I hope 🙂

    • shane_lxi said:

      I’ve bought alot of shirts from the JNC shop and they’ve all been really good quality! I’m kind of in between a medium and a large, so the slim-fits I will generally order a size larger, but that’s just me. The printing seems to be very good quality!

  9. shane_lxi said:

    Are these going to be skinny fit also?

  10. Tyler said:

    Does the image work for anyone else? I’m getting the red X of doom.

  11. shamus11 said:

    I really like the design of the old-school wheels t-shirt. I wonder if they’ve considered printing stickers of the design. If it was in a triangle with a 90deg corner it would go nicely in the corner of a window.

  12. justin said:

    I can’t see It :/

  13. Matt Panic said:

    Dear JNC staff. I have been checking the online store every day for this shirt to go on sale. Please let me know when they will be available.

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