JDM Legends JCCS

Here’s some teaser shots of a car you’ll find at our booth if you come to the JCCS this Saturday. It’s being assembled by our friends at JDM Legends right now. Any guesses?

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24 Responses to JCCS PREVIEW: JDM Legends & JNC!

  1. looks nice, what kind of seat is this?

  2. cesariojpn said:

    Toyota Tercel SR5 Wagon.

  3. Sedanlover said:

    1975 Toyota SR-5 sport truck pickup!

    Great seat! Tell us more Ben.

  4. Nigel said:

    Toyota Starlet or Corolla.

  5. Brad D. said:

    I bet its the Mazda Cosmo they just got. So upset I will not be there this year, especially if that’s what it is!

  6. Otso said:

    PMC Skyline ? Some parts point to six cylinders?

  7. Toyotageek said:

    Turbo powered Suzuki Carry Noodle truck. 🙂

  8. Jun said:

    Whatever it is, I can’t wait to see it! 5 lugs…interesting 🙂

  9. slade said:

    If its got 5 lug wats and its a classic im gonna have to guess truck of some type.
    fingers crossed for sunny truck or an early hilux

  10. kyle allen said:

    Sunny trucks were all 4 lugg and all the other early nissan trucks were 6 lugg. The wats are on drums and it looks like there might be a boxed frame behind it. I’m going with some kind of toyota truck. I’m hoping for one of the early 70s hiluxs????

  11. kyle allen said:

    Omg! Changing my vote! Otso is soo right. Prince ftw!!

  12. David Shafer said:


  13. Nigel said:

    I missed the fact that the Wat’s are five bolt.

  14. otso said:

    Yeah. Hakosuka is 4×114,3 pdc not five..?
    5 lugs was the first thing that caught my eyes..

  15. xs10shl said:

    I’d venture to say It’s a 6 cylinder car with a front latching hood. Not a C10 or C110, which uses a different hood latch. 5-lug axles may be upgrades, but look nice!

    The person who can match up the hood latch with a part on their car will solve the mystery!

  16. John M said:

    PGC10 with S20 would be cool. Lugs?

  17. Aaron C said:

    Nissan S13 with a VG30E.

  18. Dutch 1960 said:

    Toyota Crown early ’70s?

  19. Louis Fong said:

    Toyota Sienna?? haha xD

  20. Andrij said:

    A 69 Chevy Camaro powered by a big block 4K with twin 40 mm webbers?

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