JCCS 2009 Announcement

JCCS2009 Listen up, nostalgic car fans! The event you’ve all been waiting for, the 2009 Japanese Classic Car Show, will be open for registration on Wednesday, July 1st. Be sure to enter your car into this historic event as early as possible, as spaces are limited.

This year will be a special one for the JCCS folks, as they will be celebrating the fifth anniversary of the original old school Japanese car show.

The organizers and volunteers work very hard to bring your favorite old school cars the recognition they deserve, so be sure and support them and drop a word of thanks if you can.

The 2009 Japanese Classic Car Show is set for Saturday, October 3, 2009 at Hidden Valley Park in Irvine, California. Mark your calendars! And for you first-timers, check out this demo reel from the 2008 show.

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4 Responses to JCCS 2009 Announcement

  1. mark said:

    5 years already! One of the best shows i’ve ever attended. And…they put a SWDP truck on the flyer !! I /we’ll be there supporting for sure..TY Teri & Koji.

  2. J.Ramirez (zetozeto99) said:

    I’ll be there! I heard there will be a wagon class???

  3. Jimbo said:

    great event! I will be there with my 85 GSL-SE again.

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