Japanese Old Car Videos

Found these on good old YouTube. Seem to be copies of a DVD collection, possibly from a magazine.

Copy them for future enjoyment, because they may not be around much longer!

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5 Responses to Japanese Old Car Videos

  1. Kev said:

    That red C10 in the first frame of the top video belongs to Ueno-san in Tokyo. It’s been in several magazines and has been rocking the same look for 10yrs or so. It’s the car that inspired me to get Project Hako…

  2. Ben said:

    Thanks Matt! I just realized we didn’t post a Friday video this week so this is awesome!

  3. colink said:

    Fantastic both of them thanks

  4. Driftonedge said:

    man that second c10 its so hard!!! i love it and the boso style only if its lower one inch more than its done. with a big turbo L in it.!!

  5. Dan in Dubai said:

    Delicious smoky burnout right at the end!! Great stuff!

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