Initial Publica Offering

One of the rarest cars in the US is going up for auction on eBay: a 1965 UP10 Toyota Publica Deluxe. Only four are known to exist here, and according to its current owner, Steve Kopito of TORC, the other two were in junkyards and the third was sold for parts to restore a Sports 800 with.

The Publica came into existence when Toyota conceived a car to comply with the Ministry of International Trade and Industry decree for a People’s Car and named it by combining the words “public” and “car”. In stock form, its 697cc two-cylinder boxer engine produced 28hp, and came in a variety of body styles, including a convertible, wagon, and El Camino-esque pickup. The racier Sports 800 was derived from this platform.

Thanks to the Classic Toyota Town group for the tip!

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