Iacoski Z Design Study Hits Teh Intarwebs

Here’s an interesting specimen that’s been making the internet rounds. Perhaps unsatisfied with Nissan Yulon’s X-Link as a worthy flagship for a revival of the Datsun brand, someone calling himself Iacoski has offered this alternative.

We’re not really feelin’ the GT-R front, but that side profile definitely recalls the S30 Z and looks good doing it, proving just how timeless the original shape was. In fact, we think it looks better than Nissan’s own leaked 370Z photo. What say you, yay or nay?


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9 Responses to Iacoski Z Design Study Hits Teh Intarwebs

  1. J.Ramirez (zetozeto99) said:

    I like it actually…

  2. SrfairladyZ said:

    Nays in many ways. I like Nissan’s design better, even though they did away with the S30 rear corner windows shown in the leak photo. But my fav rendering was that orange/black one with built in louvers you’s had up a while back, that thing was perfection.

  3. Ben said:

    I don’t think that was us, but I know which pic you’re talking about. I’ll see if I can dig it up.

  4. SrfairladyZ said:

    Yea Ben, I couldn’t find the exact page I first saw, but I found this page with some early renderings of the same car. Toward the bottom is a colored one.


  5. Jon said:

    I dig it…..the current z is stale in comparison. I do actually like the GT-r style front end. The side view looks awesome, way better than the Nissan leaked photo. The rendering of the orange you are speaking of is not an official design….though I sure wish that it were!! That one is the best of all that I have seen. Really modernizes the 240 look!!

  6. Jesse said:

    I found some info on that orange/black concept here:
    and a video here:

  7. SrfairladyZ said:

    Jesse, Yep..those are the pics I was looking for, thanks. I know it’s totally not official, but I hope Nissan is looking. What a great way to bring back that Datsun name they have been talking about. 🙂

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