How To Stretch a Tire

So you’re an aspiring bosozoku looking for a that stretched tire look on your old school cruiser. You could go to a tire shop, but they might turn you away or scratch your super rare ultra-deep dish SSRs, and then what? A proper bosozoku would have no choice but to break some heads open right there.

But say you’re no good a intimidation and strongarm techniques. Well, for the price of some cinder blocks, a flammable aerosol spray such as deodorant or brake cleaner, a match, and a few singed eyebrows, you too can have your own wide rubber bands in no time! Thanks to super-reader gamby for posting this video in our forum, showing how to do it without chipping those shiny polished lips. Do we even need to say it? This involves fire. Kids, don’t try this at home. Not without your parents or Aquaman around, at least. Then again, facial hair is overrated anyway!

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  1. Superdude said:

    Good video. Rally and dakar-type racers have been doing this for years when their tires come off the rim and they don’t have a spare available. Just lighter fluid and a lighter pops the tire back on.

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