How Obsessed Are You?

z-tattoo.jpg I like to think I’m fairly obsessed with cars, old and new, but some folks really put me to shame.  I’m not sure I could ever have the badge of my favourite car emblazoned across my skin in anything more than finger paint, so I’ve really gotta dip my hat to those who take that big step of having their automotive love declared in ink.  I guess it’s not so unusual though; plenty of peeps get their favourite sports teams tattooed after they win the final, so is this really so different?

Check it out.

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2 Responses to How Obsessed Are You?

  1. toyotageek said:

    Don’t forget the Rotary Boyz…
    This was spotted at JCCS:

  2. krispy_kgc10 said:

    Ive got PMCS on my arm, so when im crusin` in my skyline everybody sees… they usually think its some kinda Marine thing though.

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