How ‘Bout Some Dodge Colt, Forty-Five?

Don’t you hate wasting good alcohol when tippin’ a 40? The solution: start out with a Colt 45 for five extra ounces. For JNCers who live overseas, Colt 45 is an American brand of malt liquor that, due to its cheapness, is far more popular as an ironic pop culture reference than an actual beverage. The brewers, though they would never admit it, obviously got a lot of mileage in name recognition because Colt 45 sounds suspiciously similar to the name of a popular .45 caliber handgun made by Colt Firearms.

Perhaps to prove that many things can be named Colt, Pabst Brewing enlisted the help of a Dodge (née Mitsubishi) Colt, hot rodded in gaudy 70s Corvette Summer style, for a commercial. Also, it’s piloted by star of 70s sitcom Sanford and Son Redd Foxx, who drives it off a ski jump to deliver a six-pack to Billy Van, an even more obscure 70s TV personality. Can one have too much 70s nostalgia? Apparently, yes.


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10 Responses to How ‘Bout Some Dodge Colt, Forty-Five?

  1. Andy said:

    Awww… now we need the Billy Dee Williams one… “Colt 45. Gets ’em every time.” (You bastard, Lando Calrissian!)

  2. Bob said:

    I get the serious impression that the Colt in question was actually a drag car, not something made just for the commercial.

  3. BlownArrow! said:

    Car sounded soo nice!

  4. MarkG said:

    The marketing departments of Japanese car makers in Australia were often taxed when it came to naming their special editions.

    When Mazda won our car of the year award with the front drive 323 a special edition SS was released called ”The Winner”

    A couple of years later, at the end of the first generation RX7’s life, a special edition was called the “Finale”.

    Mitsubishi, without anything to celebrate, released a special edition of the early 80s fwd Colt 5 door and cleverly called it the Colt 45.

  5. Ben said:

    MarkG – Ha, that is hilarious. Marketing genius, that.

  6. redsunday said:

    Ha awesome, though it looks like it has lancer tail lights?

  7. Kimico said:

    Elizabeth, this is the big one!. I love Redd Foxx. He was very funny. I like that 70’s Dodge Colts. That comercial is very koooooool!

  8. Andrew said:

    And, Ken Block had the nerve to say he was the first one to jump a car on a Ski slope.

  9. city hunter said:

    Definately looks like a galant to me. The roof line is all wrong for a lancer and the tails look like a mid 70s galant imo.

  10. Ben said:

    Yup, it’s a Galant hardtop, A110 generation.

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