Hotlanta! Garage Zero's Old School Street Fighters

Congrats to our readers at Garage Zero out of Atlanta, Georgia for coverage on MotorMavens! Click to see how they hold it down.

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10 Responses to Hotlanta! Garage Zero's Old School Street Fighters

  1. Lincoln Stax said:

    To echo a sentiment from one of the posts at MotorMavens, the folks at Garage Zero are living the dream.

  2. qdseeker said:

    Thanks for the blog addition, Ben. This is our 3rd year trying to bring the old school alive down here and we’ve been decently successful at it. This is the first actual shop and it filled up quite nicely. They just got done finishing up getting my CVCC running right. Look for more GZ pictures and coverage of our 2010 Old School Japanese Car Meets.

    Again, many thanks, Ben and JNC and readers!

  3. E-AT_me said:

    man, i was down in atlanta last month.. wish it was next month so i could have stopped by!

  4. Thanks for the shoutout guys! We are constantly working on our little projects and trying to keep things going. We’re really looking forward to 2010. Thanks, again.


  5. Jake said:

    Using a car as a table. That’s one way of going green! Haha! Awesome stuff though!

  6. CharlieBucket said:

    uh-oh now everyone on JNC will know i like to sit on the crown! Garage Zero is a real cool place, when i first got into these old cars i didn’t know anyone in town that like them. now i know so many i cant everyone name’s straight.

  7. Ben said:

    Charlie – I almost used that pic as the lead! I think it’s cool (though I wouldn’t do it if the car were mine 🙂 ).

  8. qdseeker said:

    Congrats go out to John and Kelly (2 of the owners of GZ). They got married last night.

  9. Ben said:

    Congrats, John and Kelly!

  10. Glides said:

    Woot. We love our peoples at Garage Zero!

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