hot olds

One of the most annoying thing for any classic JDM fanatic living outside of Japan is seeing all of these 400×300 jpgs on the net, knowing that in all probability you won’t be able to find a decent wallpaper-sized version, let alone be a part of the culture. Hot Olds is an annual event in Japan that brings classic JDM nutters from all over Japan in hordes to one spot to celebrate their oldschool rides. Emphasis on the ‘event’. All walks of life are welcome and as the pictures attest, everyone has a blast. A friend Stu took a trip earlier in the year from his home in the mother country to Japan to attend the event and was kind enough to take pictures for all us sods who don’t put our money where our mouths are!

Stu has just finished uploading all of his photos in SUPER HIGH RES for you to download! No need to put up with those frustratingly small photos we’re usually dealt with – all of these shots are straight up wallpaper material. Check it out.

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  1. stuyizz said:

    Glad you like the pictures, I’ll send you a link to my videos when I’ve had a chance to get them edited and uploaded

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