Honda S2000 Type-S Debuts

Last Month we posted on a the Honda S2000 Type-S, which looked suspiciously like the US-market Honda S2000 CR that was unveiled in New York. Now the production version of the Type-S has gone on sale, and there are a few minor differences. Less of a track-ready car than the CR (that’s Club Racer to you, bub), the Type-S has a suspension somewhere between that and the regular S2K. The Type-S also keeps the folding soft top rather than the aluminum hardtop affixed to CRs. And oh yeah, the Type-S has the steering wheel on the right.

The Type-S/CR is widely regarded as a final hurrah for the long-toothed roadster. Depending on which sources you believe, the next iteration of the S-car may come in 2009 or not at all. The last of the originals like the S800 pictured was in 1970, a full three decades before the S2000.


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