Honda wants to know which parts S2000 owners need

For the 20th anniversary of the S2000 Honda has created exclusive parts to make essentially a “third facelift”  version, but it’s also going one step further. As with the NSX and Beat, Honda is creating a parts catalog of hard-to-find and in-demand parts for the S2000.

Honda is giving owners until April 30, 2020 a chance to let them know which parts are must-haves on the S2000. They don’t necessarily have to be out-of-production bits. Honda also wants to know which parts will cause owners headaches if they were to stop making them. To respond, simply post the desired parts on either Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #S2000PartsCatalog. Honda will take the posts into into account and create a definitive S2000 Parts Catalog in June. Like Toyota’s Supra parts project, it looks like Honda will be surveying the public first. Now’s your chance to make sure the S2000 has a long life in the aftermarket.


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9 Responses to Honda wants to know which parts S2000 owners need

  1. DallasD said:

    This is a greatly appreciated effort from Honda. I recently found out that S2000s, at least AP1s, can’t be re-keyed, because the necessary parts are no longer being made. If a key is stolen or lost, owners just have to hope that nothing happens to the car.

  2. Ninjastealth said:

    My guess after owning one are the factory pre-painted front lips that seem to get banged up on curbs and freeway debris. The only other part that I remember ever breaking was that the radio door latch broke and it wouldn’t stay up to cover up the stereo. Everything else on it was pretty much bulletproof OEM Honda

  3. Russ Seuffert said:

    I’d like to see the front splitter offered once again. I missed getting one before they went out of production.

  4. Aillon said:

    Convertible top that would be resistant to test at the known weak points and OEM hard top.

  5. neil callahan said:

    I would like to see Honda make drivers seat, molded carpets, convertible top latches and headlights and hardtops—all these parts have become too expensive

  6. Jay said:

    Along with ALL the common replacement parts I would LOVE a reasonably priced COMPLETE OEM HARDTOP KIT, available in OEM painted versions (Rio/New Indy Yellow Pearl: Y-65P for me).

  7. Baron said:

    Unable to find an OEM wing spoiler for AP2 in Rio Yellow Peral. I have a 2006 all original SK2. I hope more of the 20th anniversary radio covers become available also. I love my SK2.

  8. Craig Lehman said:

    I wood like to get on list to buy a front bumper I have a 2003 s2000 bought it new love it

  9. Ian said:

    I have a 2007 ap2 with 13k miles on it, that I love dearly. I would like to see honda offer OEM hardtop and oem updated strengthened soft tops. Also a tonneau cover would be awesome…

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