Honda Releases "CR-X – A Nod to Legend" Video

It’s really amazing how Japanese automakers are suddenly all about their heritage. When the JNC Blog started two years ago, we basically bitched non-stop about how they were sitting on an untapped gold mine of good will. Though we would like to, I don’t think we can take credit for this change of heart. But we like where this is going.

Whether the Honda CR-Z is really a worthy successor to the CR-X remains to be seen. Grapevine word today revealed it was not originally intended to be a hybrid. Perhaps there will be a petrol-only version down the line. In the meantime, we’re working with Honda to secure an example for a future JNC Next Version piece.

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6 Responses to Honda Releases "CR-X – A Nod to Legend" Video

  1. E-AT_me said:

    the boys at red pepper would like this.. btw, it’s “CRX”, not “CR-X”. the dash was only for the Japanese cars, and since this is a US video, it should be with the US spelling..

  2. joe said:

    just give me another s2000, or some other varient of a RWD honda…that or any wagon..your better off just buying an old crx, after all the energy and resources it took to produce the CR-Z make it more damaging to the enviroment than an older, used CRX

  3. badpenny said:

    I can’t believe it. What did they do???? Steal the blueprints from a VW Scirocco?

  4. Benson said:

    Its sad that the CR-Z will be full of fluff. I get that the market today will want airbags, vdc, navigation, etc… But let’s not call it the CRZ then, by calling it that you’re trying to make it sound like the lightweight, double-wishbone front and rear, B16A engined with immense practicality (with the 2+2), instead of this bloated ‘environmentally friendly’ hybrid with heavy gizmos like airbags, navigation, etc. Until someone drives the production version and tells me it doesn’t feel like a old fat slab of a thing, i will continue to think its not the successor to the CRX.

  5. vballin said:

    i’ve been following JNC pretty much from when you guys started, and i can remember all that bitching, LOL…and even though you probably didn’t have any direct influence on the automakers i think your presence has definitely brought more attention to classic japanese cars in general, which in turn i’m sure influenced the automakers. so, i say good job JNC!

  6. Alan said:

    Until someone drives the production version and tells me it doesn’t feel like a old fat slab of a thing, i will continue to think it CAN BE the (spiritual) successor to the CRX. I shall with hold all judgment until the thing has been driven, but I have no issue with its looks. I just hope that an Si model is waiting in the wings…

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