Honda marks 30th anniversary of Canada manufacturing with its own Monopoly game


In 1986, Honda became the first Japanese automaker to build cars in Canada. The Alliston, Ontario plant churned out Accords first, then Civics, and in 1998 a second plant was constructed to make Odysseys and CR-Vs. To mark the 30th anniversary of Honda Manufacturing Canada’s opening, a Honda-themed Monopoly game has been created. 


Instead of a top hat and iron, the pieces are all Honda vehicles, including a CA Accord and EF Civic, as well as 1998 Odyssey, 2003 Pilot, 2006 Ridgeline, and 2012 CR-V. Like the original monopoly game, the properties increase in value as you go around the board, going from lawn tools and generators to the NSX and HondaJet.


The set was only available to Honda employees, but a few of them have leaked onto eBay. The sets appear to run anywhere from CA$90 to $500 (US$68 to 378). They’re not cheap, but if you must have a Honda-shaped Monopoly token, in 2003 Johnny Lightning released a set of diecast cars with game tokens that includes the 5th-gen Accord. Or, if the Game of Life is more your taste, Honda Japan once issued a version of that in Japan (ironically, featuring the StepWGN and not the Life).

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17 Responses to Honda marks 30th anniversary of Canada manufacturing with its own Monopoly game

  1. Nigel said:

    I will keep an eye out for one of these !

  2. Tubby said:

    I ended up getting one from a fellow Honda associate in Canada. Apparently these are very tough to find. I did find a misprint on the box where the CRV and Pilot models are incorrectly named/labeled.

  3. Lee MacKenzie said:

    I have a new Honda Monopoly game if anyone is interested.

  4. Kath said:

    I have a a Honda game still shrunk wrapped. If you are interested, please email

  5. Dion doris said:

    J’en ai un exemplaire dans sa boîte jamais développé jamais touché je suis prêt à le vendre

  6. Shawn Casey said:

    I have finally decided to sell my brand new ( still shrunk wrapped ) Honda Edition of Monopoly! I am not sure what that they are worth these days but I am entertaining offers. If interested please contact me for more info.

  7. Punita Mehra said:

    I have a brand new Honda Edition of Monopoly, open box, all contents sealed (only the box was opened, but the contents are all still sealed in the packets). Please contact me at if anyone interested in buying.

    I can send the pictures as required prior to buying.

  8. Niki said:

    I have a brand new set only problem is there’s a rip in the plastic seal but it’s never been opened contact if interested

  9. Hi, I’m in Ontario and have a new unopened game. Email me for more info.

  10. Kimberley said:

    Hi, I have the same game unopened I’m in Barrie,Ontario. Contact me if you’re interested in buying the game $200

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