Hint Hint, Nissan: Another Retro Datsun Design

Here’s yet another unofficial rendering of neo-240Z. This one has actually been floating around the web longer than yesterday’s Iacoski design, and designer Lars Mårtensson has done his homework. It remains incredibly faithful to the design of the original Z (though we could do without the side scoop) and should have no problem taking its place among other successful retro designs like the Ford Mustang, 2010 Camaro, Toyota FJ Cruiser and VW Beetle. Plus, it’s gorgeous!

With independent designers, as well as some within Nissan (see Datsun X-Link and the 510-inspired Nissan Pure), itching for a rebirth of iconic Datsuns of yore, this should all amount to a big fat hint for Nissan. Come on, Mr. Bean, the world is waiting. More pics after the jump.


[AusZCar via The Motor Report and several tipsters!]

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9 Responses to Hint Hint, Nissan: Another Retro Datsun Design

  1. Looks very nice i love the rear of it

  2. Jon said:

    Message to Nissan…….BUILD THIS!!!!! Side note: The tail lights need to have a lower piece added to each side be more faithful the original design….small complaint, I know.

  3. Mr.L.J. Nordvik said:

    Me likes! Should definately be built.

  4. sr-fariladyZ said:

    I actually like the door vent. From the front 1/4 angle it looks like an aggressive brake duct. And the door handle hides nicely in there. The fascia is very passable but I can also think of a few other ways it could look great, like if the lower black part was a solid air dam. Gosh, it’s just so awesome.

  5. Duke said:

    Soooo nice looking. I like the rendering without the sidevent, but if this was what the new Z was going to look like, I would be in love. Makes me want an 240z to do this to…

  6. coupeZ600 said:

    Oooohh! This thing has Shooting Brake written all over it!

  7. El Kimico said:

    I like the desing. I wonder how will it look without the side scoop. Also it will be nice if they add a rear spoiler.

  8. QuasiMondo said:

    I think in the late 90’s Nissan had a design study that refreshed the original 240z design. I remember it because that was rumored to become the 350z

  9. Jaime said:

    I would like to see a retro of the Datsun Violet, the most successful Datsun model in world wide racing programs.
    The Violet was a successful off road racer as well as a road racer, with its IRS suspension and good looks.
    The Datsun Violet, aka 160JSSS ( 160U in South Africa.) late seventies model.

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