Harmonizing Over the Bluebird Coupe

Another great ad from 60s Japan, this time for the Datsun Bluebird Coupe. While the song is not as catchy and seemingly of a different era as the Maruzen Oil ad, it gets the point across: “Big power, dynamic power, after your heart!”

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4 Responses to Harmonizing Over the Bluebird Coupe

  1. leongsoon said:

    Now, this, is a proper car ad. It’s got unirritating music, it’s got the specs, it shows off the design of the car, and hey, it even shows how versatile the car can be! I wish more modern car ads are like this!

  2. Jon said:

    leongsoon, spot on!

    Great ad!

  3. Bob said:

    Found this one awhile back, I love the hell out of it.

    I will never understand why they didn’t send the Coupe to the US. Such a good looking car.

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