If you want to buy a race-rep Hakosuka, a GT-R replica Kenmeri or a super-tough 240Z with ZG nose and flares, then you got to Rocky Auto or Red Megaphone.  But what if you wanted something low and slow, like a slammed ’69 Crown wagon on BRM wheels and chrome fender mirrors, or a 510 Wagon on Enkei slots?

Well for a start in Japan you can go see Harfee’s.  They seem to have a focus on aircooled VWs, but they handle a lot of the old JDM stuff too.  Check it out their stock, lots of nice things in there.

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  1. SavannaDan said:

    Wow. I knew the US version 260Z was worth a fair price in Japan, of course not as much as the LHD domestic. But looks like Harfee’s sold a RHD for more than $17,000. Amazing seeing the price differences in the worth of the Japanese classics between the U.S. and Japan. Whenever I’m ready to sell my RHD RX-3 I’ll probably sell it in Japan.

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