Hardy Laurel

Three chaps from the Uke bought a 1982 Nissan Laurel for a hundred pounds sterling, or just under 200 US dollars. That may not seem like breaking news, but these gents intend to drive their banger saloon from Calais, France to Rimini, Italy as part of the 2007 Scally Rally, a trans-Europe voyage that passes through several sovereign nations, the Alps, and some truly gorgeous terrain, all in the name of charity. With their bargain mule, you’d think it’d be easier just to ditch it on the Italian coast and jet home, but the trio plans to drive the car back to whence it came, totaling 3,000 plus miles overall and putting our Cressida jaunt to shame. Well done, lads!

The team is rallying for Ulverston’s St Mary’s Hospice and emerges from the Chunnel on September 14 to commence Alpine antics.

Source: [North-West Evening Mail]

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