Happy Japan Railway Day from JNC

On October 14, 1872, Japan’s first railway opened, connecting Shimbashi, Tokyo and Yokohama. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism designated the day an official holiday in in 1994. Today, Japan is home to one of the most advanced (and punctual) rail systems on Earth. It moves 10 billion passengers a year over 19,000 miles, and the average delay per year is under a minute.

In a normal year there would be celebrations held at train stations across Japan, but due to the unique circumstances of 2020 those events have been canceled. So, if you want to mark the occasion at home, watch a video about the most famous Japanese train of them all, the Shinkansen.

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12 Responses to Happy Japan Railway Day from JNC

  1. Lupus said:

    I’m not a railway fan at all, but lead image, with vintage Shinkansen in front of Mt. Fuji is plain awesome.

  2. Negishi no Keibajo said:

    Japan’s national rail system, much less the Shinkansen system is an amazing feat to this day. For some reason, no other country designs their trains like Japan. I think they’re the best looking by far. My favorite is the older 500 series. A little bit smaller, no longer the fastest, but still visually striking, the design was a collaboration with the German designer Alexander Neumeister,


    When all this mess subsides, I really suggest a trek to the Railway Museum on the outskirts of Tokyo. It’s a must see.


  3. Shinkansen 0 series. Coolest train ever.

  4. MattP said:

    I visited the Kyoto Railway Museum in 2016, an astonishing museum almost worthy of a trip to Japan in itself! And seeing not just men and boys but also women and girls engaged in the multitude of hands on displays reminded me how loved trains are in Japan.

    Also rode on a W7 Shinkansen from Tokyo to Nagano and then from Nagano to Kanazawa. The perfect way to travel, wish we had them here in Australia!

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