Happy Fourth of July from JNC

Yes, we know, My Name is Earl has been canceled, but where else are you going to find a nostalgic car painted in the Stars and Bars? Sure, it seems a bit incongruous, but this surely remains the most famous Subaru BRAT ever made — even more so than Ronald Reagan’s. And can you really put a price on fame?

Apparently, yes! Earlier this year Mecum Auctions sold the Subie Ute for $3500, which is pretty standard for a decent-condition BRAT that does not include Jaime Pressly on the hood. Have a safe and fun-filled Fourth of July, everyone!

[Image: IMCDB]

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2 Responses to Happy Fourth of July from JNC

  1. Dan said:

    Happy 4th! Stay safe everyone!

  2. bert said:

    I can understand that people want to set off fireworks all night on the 4th. But when they come into MY yard, with enough hardware to retake Normandy, and then treat me like I’m rude for asking them to leave, that’s just plain disrespectful! I don’t go to your place of peacefull existence and and blow crap up! (I do it in the street, with my heavy artillery pointed at your house:) I don’t mean to sound like a putz on Independance Day, I’m just a little kranky, as right now the neighbors are launching an offensive on the peacefull people of “bertland” wich doesn’t help my atitude as yesterday I passed a kidney stone, and my crotch is still on FIRE! HAPPY 4TH EVERYBODY:)

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