Happy 50th Birthday to Hot Wheels from JNC

Today we mark 50 years of Hot Wheels, the brand that changed toy cars forever and stoked the flames of automotive passion in millions. Since 1968 was the debut year for Hot Wheels and the US-market Datsun 510, we wanted to commemorate one of Jun Imai’s best castings.

A “what-if” rendering shows what could have been had the Datsun 510 emerged from the Redline Era. The spectraflame green paint and stripes pay homage to the first Japanese casting of the Hot Wheels line, Larry Wood’s Z-Whiz. With five decades memories made, it’s a nod to Hot Wheels’ heritage and the exciting direction of future car culture.

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  1. Samuel Ace said:

    That is cool.? Happy birthday hotwheels and celebrating 50 year’s congrats.? I love collecting hotwheels and I Will be collecting hotwheels for the rest of my life.?

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