Happy 411 Day from JNC

Even in Japan, the Nissan Bluebird 411 is a rare sight. Make it a wagon and it’s doubly rare. This example was positively mint, though, seemingly brought to modern Tokyo via time machine. Happy 411 Day from JNC!

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5 Responses to Happy 411 Day from JNC

  1. MikeRL411 said:

    Note that this is a WPL411 not a WP411 ! Either a reverse import from overseas or an Okinawa model .

    • Ryan said:

      It does appear to be RHD, so not a WPL411 – it is a very late WP411 though. That said, I do know some guys over on Shikoku Island who have WPL’s which were imported back to Japan from the United States, so it would definitely be possible to spot one on Japanese soil!

      • MikeRL411 said:

        My eyes fail me on the first Kanji of the plates, but I would bet it is registered in Yokohama. The 3 digit “534” prefix says a late registration, so an import [even from Okinawa] is a given. An original Yokohama registration would have a single digit “5”.

        Damn! I miss my single digit licensed 1955 Chevy Bel Air that I had to leave in Tokyo in 1963 because I had ordered a new Corvair to be delivered in Cheyene Wyoming..

  2. Rick Feibusch said:

    My first new car was one of the 875 411 1600SSS sedans that were imported before being replaced with the 510. It came from Dragonetti Motors in San Mateo, CA. I traded in my 1961 Corvair Monza on it. Japanese cars were just starting to be noticed and I found the 411 looked like a very well built British car with an Italian-esque body. Had considered a Toyota Corona, but they had a bench seat and a three-on-the-tree, instead of the Datsun’s bucket seats and 4-on-the-floor. No one knew what the hell it was, and thought it was everything from a Fiat to a Renault. WWII vets would get angry and insult me stating that they “spent 3 years in the Pacific fighting those monkeys” and asking how I could support them…” I put on a set of Corvair wider wheels and some Continental radials, reworked an Abarth exhaust system from a wrecked Alfa roadster and 4 road lamps for rallying. Used aircraft landing lights for hi-beams and a pair of Lucas Flamethrowers. It would outrun MGBs and other popular imports. Traded it in on a 510 in 1970… Mechanically superior but not as well built as the 411…

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