Haikyo: Exploring JDM Ruins

Moody pictures of abandoned towns and factories make for interesting eye candy. Rarely do you find any content that’s in Japan, but here’s some from Michael John Grist.  His latest photographic explorations are of abandoned Japanese mining towns. Eerie. His blog takes up the story: “Grist also explores and photographs the ruins of Japan, known as ‘haikyo’, including abandoned theme parks, military installations, and ghost towns. Over a period of 6 years he has visited over 60 ruins locations throughout Japan”.  You can find more of his cool stuff here.

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11 Responses to Haikyo: Exploring JDM Ruins

  1. redma61 said:

    wow thats very cool and intresting and creepy and well kinda scary i guess,did you see in the doctors office the jar with a brain in it!
    i do like to go on nature hikes and have seen some ruined shines while i was in japan but all these sites are just fascinating to look at,especially the theme parks.
    i would think it would be a great suubject and a ton of fun for a photographer

  2. sr-fairladyz said:

    I have always loved making my skin crawl while gazing at photo’s of abandon area’s. Thanks for the new link fella’s!

  3. Daniel said:

    Thanks for the link. I had to save that URL into my favorites.

    If you like these photos, also check out http://www.tokyotimes.org . Brilliant photos included some stunning abondoned houses and factories.



  4. bert said:

    Creepy. But with all the overcrouding in Japan right now, one would think they’d just rebuild these places and live there. “Ghosts?! I don’t believe in such things! What do you mean he’s right beh…….AAAAAAHHHHH!!!”

  5. kyteler said:

    Has JDM replaced the correct terminology in that many instances? They’re the remains of buildings are they not, Japanese buildings. It’s not like Japan produced these same buildings for export with different window and shutter specifications in the international market. Is it?

  6. ian said:

    really…your going to be a context nazi ~?

  7. Kev said:

    Well that’s splitting into a fine point 🙂 Well I guess you’re right, it’s not like these are bldgs with carbonfibre doors or forged doorhandles by Rays or anything like that 😀

  8. banpei said:

    It kind of reminds me of this posting about Hashima Island:
    When I read that posting it kind of intrigued me and I really wanted to go there sometime… Now I see I have even more spots to visit! 🙂

  9. Nigel said:

    Look’s a lot like the the building in the opening sequence of that anime “Appleseed”.
    Somewhat disturbing.

  10. Lincoln Stax said:

    Wow, thiss is fascinating. I’m going to Japan for three weeks in March. This is giving me some ideas of places to visit.

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