GT-R Manual Warns: No Bad Taste

r35manual.JPGMore Skyline importing news: our friends at Cobb Tuning have received one of the first privately owned R35 GT-Rs in the US. How? By importing their own, of course, and you know what that means: comical scans from the Japanese owner’s manual! This one is our fave. Apparently, it’s warning the owner not to uglify their new purchase with “aero” modifications like a giant spoiler or widebody kit. Take note, Kev (j/k, j/k)! To see more of the GT-R – and more scans – check out the Cobb Blog.

UPDATE: Autoblog picked up on this story and now the image is on a T-shirt. Such is the life of an internet meme.

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3 Responses to GT-R Manual Warns: No Bad Taste

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  2. steve said:

    That is so cool and why not if you have got it flaunt it

  3. Ando said:

    If they want to strip the GT-R of “bad taste”, how about removing the incredibly tacky GT-R badge plastered on the front grill? Looks like a 10th grader bought it at Pep Boys™ and glued it on.

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