GrandJDM Contest: WIN Fragrant Women!!


The last JDM Toy giveaway was such a great success that we simply had to do another one. By the way, each competition winner has received their prize and I’ll do a post soon with pics of everyone’s booty.

The prizes this time are dashboard air fresheners in the anatomically-acccurate shape of race queens in Ings (maker of JDM bodykits) livery.


The ladies are No.5 of a series of race queen air freshener statuettes from JDM magazine Gals Paradise which is a fine publication that mainly seems to be about displaying JDM race queens in their regalia frolicking on beaches and variously posing suggestively…..


Ahem….anyway we have three nice-smelling statuettes to giveaway and the contest is open to our international readers wherever you may be.


The fraglant (not my spelling…check out the boxes!) ladies stand on a louvred base which you fill with supplied heart-shaped air fresher tablets, and it’s attached to your dashboard/PC/spouse’s jewellery box with supplied double sided tape.


Just like before, just SEND US AN EMAIL with your name and street address, and only one entry per person please. Winners will be picked out of a hat as before, and entries close 11pm, Friday 4th April Australian EST.

Good luck GrandJDMers!

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12 Responses to GrandJDM Contest: WIN Fragrant Women!!

  1. Pharoahe said:

    Mail sent ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. twistzed said:


    Me too.

  3. the12for12 said:

    top 3 posted !!! That has to count for something

  4. toyotageek said:

    Man, you got my attention with that entry title!
    Count me in on this one. I’ve always wanted a Race Queen of my own. Perfect for car shows!

  5. Speedstar said:

    mail sent, this item would complete my JDM-ness, and I would feel complete, whole, round like an egg.

  6. leongsoon said:

    I like fragrant women!!

  7. Manuel said:

    Also sent an e-mail, I

  8. kai said:

    mail sent! if i dont get the toy.. i dont mind the kpgc10 ๐Ÿ˜›

  9. DJLotus said:

    *crosses fingers*

  10. Ethereal510 said:

    I entered… this will be cool

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