Get Out Ya Seat and Jump Around

toyotaads.jpgOur blogospheric partners in crime over at Jalopnik are having way too much fun digging up old Toyota commercials in what they’ve dubbed “Oh What a Feeling Week,” featuring nothing but ads that conclude with people jumping for joy at the purchase of a brand new ‘Yota.

Who are these leapers? Well, they come from just about every walk of life you can imagine – manly pickup-abusing cowboy types, feral but fuel-economy- minded jungle dwellers and their pet chimps, Celica-driving yuppies/alien abductees, Ebenezer Scrooge with a team of Governator-esque body-builders, and sexy sophisticated ladies who are into RWD Corollas.

We have to give it to the Tercel ad, though, because there’s something to be said about not one, but two of the most intelligent species on the planet simultaneously endorsing a product with an airborne fist pump.

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