Get a Life

hondalife.jpgHere’s a rare bird, spotted by our resident Honda head reader colhogen, who heroically posted it in our forum. It’s an ultra-rare 1974 Honda Life, which, in Honda genealogy, succeeded the N360 and N600, and spawned variations such as the Life Step Van and, later, the Life Dunk. Although not mentioned in the auction, this example is actually a Life Van/Wagon, which has a larger rear and no sloping hatch. Either way, it’s scarcer than Bigfoot in a party hat, having never been officially sold US. As a result, it’s got RHD JDM exclusivity, and could be yours for the BuyItNow price of $2800. That way, the next time someone tells you to “get a life,” which happens to us frequently, you can say, “I already have one, so there.” That’ll show ’em.

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2 Responses to Get a Life

  1. John said:

    !!! That car cannot be farther than 10 mins away from my dads house. God I wish I still lived in California sometimes.

  2. Jnostalgics said:

    Tell him it gets great gas mileage! 🙂

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