Gallbladder, Anyone? Citrus Green Datsun 280ZX

Would you rather have: a super low mileage gem, or an ultra rare color? Citrus Green is likely the rarest color ever to grace a Datsun 280ZX, excluding the one-off specials. It’s the color I’d have because I dig oddball hues that have no business coating a modern car, but seem oh-so-right for its era. It was available only in 1979, and according to some sources there were fewer than 100 Citrus Green 280ZXs sold in the US, surpassing in rarity the 10th Anniversary Black & Red cars (of which there were 500). And unlike the 12,000-mile Turbo we saw recently, this is a 5-speed. See more photos below or at the auction on eBay.

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8 Responses to Gallbladder, Anyone? Citrus Green Datsun 280ZX

  1. Kevin Lee said:

    thats just fruity goodness

  2. Tyler said:

    What he said. This color is perfect.

  3. Nigel said:

    I would pull out the steering wheel and put in a 3 spoke one. (Old style MOMO).

  4. Ed said:

    ^ he said he’d pullout

  5. Ray said:

    I would crush this car.

  6. deadflo said:

    I see it’s also a non GL model, without the power steering an power windows. Such a crazy color! The ZX’s seemed to go for the more subdued “mature” colors when compared to the S30’s.

  7. Neo280zx said:

    @Ray crush it while your in it that should make it even more rare!

  8. Travis Bradley said:

    I was the one who did all the research regarding this color. My first zed was the citrus green. I have even been contacted by the Nissan museum in Japan regarding any I go I have on the car. I miss my citrus every day.

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