Front Drive Toyota Defies Convention, Gravity

Why yes, that is an airborne 1980 Toyota Tercel leaping over a herd of the now-extinct species Compactus domesticus. Plus a Honda. Though it began life in Japan in 1978, the Tercel arrived on our shores for the 1980 model year. It was the Big T’s first attempt at a front wheel drive vehicle, and apparently they really hadn’t nailed down the whole concept of FWD because the 1.5L inline four was still mounted longitudinally. Yet, unaccountably, they rub Honda’s nose in it.

Did the Tercel herald the coming of a revolutionary new layout to Toyota’s lineup or tragically symbolize the beginning of the end for rear wheel drive? Also, our readers ask in this forum thread, whether in 2020 the Tercel will be a classic or merely an old car. All we know is, any stuntwoman who can catch that much air in a car of any drivetrain configuration turns the keys to our hearts.

[Source: Youtube via Jalopnik]

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2 Responses to Front Drive Toyota Defies Convention, Gravity

  1. Bob said:

    I’ve seen that commercial before too, and I asked the same question.

    “Yeah, f*** Hondas, with their sideways engines. Who would do something that silly? HA! We are bettar.”

    That is one hell of a jump though. I’d mark it as more of the sad death of RWD though. šŸ˜„

  2. Ben said:

    I also realized after I posted this that the Acura Legend was a front wheel drive car with a longitundinally mounted engine. I guess this ad got to them! šŸ™‚

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