Friday Video: Unmarked Toyota Crown vs. Rambler American

So perhaps Toyota fans are feeling a bit left out, what with all the Nissan-heavy chases from the likes of Seibu Keisatsu, Abunai Deka and this still-unnamed film. Well fret no more, thanks to JNCer a121 we have another Japan vs. Detroit showdown! This time, it’s an unmarked Toyota S50 Crown police car in pursuit of some gunmen in a Rambler American. And because this film, whose title we sadly know not, takes place in the Philippines there’s plenty of Toyota and Mitsubishi background candy for you to ogle. Happy viewing!

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10 Responses to Friday Video: Unmarked Toyota Crown vs. Rambler American

  1. banpei said:

    Great to see the S50 featuring in a car chase! 🙂
    The movie must be at least 1982 or later: I see a Mercedes W126 (1979) being totalled (swapped for older model on impact) and later on a W201 (1982) at the funeral.
    And is that a Mazda RX7 FC at 4:56?

  2. Jimbo said:

    I love it! So funny that a Rambler American would be used as the bad guy’s car. That is a Porsche 924 at 4:56, not a 2nd gen.

  3. GEN2TWINCAM said:

    That’s right Jimbo!

    924 Turbo. Note the NACA intake on the hood, and additional intakes on the nose.
    Any guess at what non-Japanese car I drive?

  4. coupeZ600 said:

    2nd Gen Civic Cvcc at 2:28 in the far right lane, just like my old car!

  5. Very hot and engaging chase! I loved it:)

  6. Bob said:

    More like Japan vs. Kenosha, Wisconsin. 😆

    AMC /= from Detroit. 🙂

  7. Sarcasmo said:

    What the hell is a Trans Am/Firebird doing there? lol

  8. Mike said:

    Is that an Fj40 Land Cruiser to the right @ 1:55?

  9. Flyin_flip said:

    Hey its FPJ (Fernando Poe, Jr.) He died a few years ago after being cheated out of the presidential elections.

  10. Flyin_flip said:

    the woman says to the chauffer: “Why are we stopped?!”
    C: “We’re at a stop light, madam”
    W: “What light? didn’t I tell you we’re in a hurry? Screw the stupid light…!”

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