Friday Video: No Honor Among Stop-Motion Diecast Thieves

Our friend Luxe37 is back with another brain-churningly awesome action short, creating with stop motion animation what was really going on in our childhood minds as we made vroom-vroom noises across the kitchen floor.

Well, actually this is quite a lot darker than that, but who knows what would’ve happened if we had grown up with Seibu Keisatsu and an unlimited supply of Tomica Nissans and Mitsubishis! Watch the video below the fold.

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11 Responses to Friday Video: No Honor Among Stop-Motion Diecast Thieves

  1. Brownie said:

    You found the answer as to what else to do with the diecast minis aside from looking at it through glass cases.

  2. TE72_sunny said:

    That is the hottest stop motion animation I’ve ever seen. All it’s missing is voices and background music. Still cool though.

  3. bob said:

    “What will the cops do? These guys are insane and unstoppable!”

    Yes, I was sucked in.

  4. i think the sound effect is specially made for this stop motion video and not grab from any kind of movie


  5. Tyler said:

    Suzuki Fronte Coupe at 5:41?

    The automotive cast in this film is superb.

  6. eastwest6 said:

    Best movie I’ve seen this year. If Hollywood made more movies like this, I’d be willing to pay the $5 or whatever they’re charging these days.

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