Friday Video: Nissan Civilian Suicide Mission

In this climatic scene from Mottomo Abunai Deka, the 1989 film based on the hit cop show Abunai Deka, a Nissan Civilian bus must ram through a roadblock of unlucky patrol cars. Watch what happens below and, as a bonus, watch the “making of” behind-the-scenes stuntwork as well.

Hat tip to cesariojpn.

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6 Responses to Friday Video: Nissan Civilian Suicide Mission

  1. Kevin Lee said:

    i dont get it, why drive the bus thru the road block with the siren on, translation?

    • Bibendum said:

      *why drive the bus thru the road block with the siren on* for the epic win!!! LOL this is a comedy action so why not? and also for remind Japanese people Kamikaze pilots maybe haha

  2. Tyler said:

    And why go so slow?

    • Bibendum said:

      Because it was Slow motion and they wanted to show destruction of the Poor Civilian….. everytime watching this scene makes me almost cry because of this poor bus, sadly there in Japan aren’t many Civilians of that era (GC-GHC series)

      p.s this type of bus was used by Police for long time and in the movie they shows a Prisoner transport bus which is also used by riot police

  3. Kuroneko said:

    > translation?

    Well, at the end of the making of clip, someone says, ‘Are you OK?’ Ha!

    • Bibendum said:

      This scene hits many blogs in Japan and many people love this movie because of this scene
      model collectors buying this Civilian model just because of Abunai Deka hehehe

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