Friday Video: Mitsubishi Action in Guerrilla Group 8

Despite the presence of Tetsuya Watari, gunfights, and a gull-winged Japanese sports coupe, this is not Seibu Keisatsu. Mitsubishi fans, rejoice! It’s Guerrilla: Tokyo Police Group 8, starring Watari-san (who played our beloved Sgt. Daimon in Seibu), a Mitsubishi Starion 2600GSR-VR, Pajero, and a Debonair V 3000 Royal AMG. That’s right, kiddos, a Debonair AMG. As police car. If they could somehow work Giga Pudding into the equation Kev could die a happy man.

Guerrilla followed the adventures of a covert division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. Called Group 8, the elite squad specialized in the atrocious crimes regular cops couldn’t touch, with each member carrying a licenses to kill.

With Nissan, Toyota and Mazda grabbing all the prime sponsorship slots in other cop shows, Mitsubishi had to step up their game. They offered up a slew of cars for use in the series (but not shown in the opening credits), including a Galant VR-4, Mirage 1600 Cyborg with double sunroof, Minica 550, and an Eclipse GS Turbo that also, inexplicably, sprouted gull-wing doors.

Sadly for Mitsubishi, Guerrilla was a ratings flop, and while 46 episodes were made, it only lasted from 1989-90.

Thanks again to cesariojpn!

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