Friday Video: Japanese Demolition Derby Circa 1976

We have absolutely no idea where this video is from, what is going in it, and why it is happening. All we can say is that it’s from approximately 1976 and shows the senseless wreckage of many rare vintage Japanese cars, including what appears to be a MS51 Toyota Crown Coupe. Sadness. Bonus points to anyone who can identify all the cars in this chaotic clip.

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8 Responses to Friday Video: Japanese Demolition Derby Circa 1976

  1. mister k said:

    somebody can add to or modify this:
    datsuns – 411, 510, super-six, 330
    toyotas – crown 2dr, 4dr, stout
    unknown – early crown or pmc at the start
    mitsu – debonaire

  2. madfaber said:

    That is some of the rowdiest japanese goings ons I have every seen, If i didnt know any better i would swear that was a Japan version of Smokey and the Bandit II

  3. Tyler said:

    Now that’s just silly!

  4. Lincoln Stax said:

    That is wrong on so many levels.

  5. xs10shl said:

    I’ve seen that kind of chaos before – it happens in my town every time Apple releases a new product. People go mad, rush to the outlets, and mayhem ensues. This was undoubtedly filmed during the 1977 product release of the Apple II.

  6. mervins said:

    Every body running to the crack dealer!
    Sad to see that why couldnt they been scions or daewoos!

  7. Ted Hedman said:

    Pretty sure that is what happened when the Japanese government tried to outlaw Godzilla movies in the ’70s…

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